Wednesday, June 25, 2014

short hair, don't care

i had my hair cut and you are only allowed to say nice things about it.
especially since these pictures are sa-weet bathroom selfies.
 i am so crazy about having long hair so
i have no idea how i talked myself into doing this,
but i'm so glad i did.
i think it was time for a change.
the last time i had "short" (for me) hair
was back in college aka 2004.
my inspiration?
a seventeen year old.
and a kardashian jenner.
i know, i know.
but its cute, right?

so i went to visit my aunt and took kylie's picture.
she did the cut and when i got home,
i did the ombre dye job.
7 inches off and a little more blonde.



  1. Looks great! And I took the same picture of Kylie (bottom) to my hair stylist for my ombré. I call it my Kardashian hair.

  2. Very cute, though you scared me when you said "short & cut" in the same sentence. Your side of the family are always doing something "funky" with hair. :) Aunt MTC