Tuesday, June 24, 2014

one year wrap-up

we had brette's doctor appointment
and luckily, ronnie was off early enough
that he got to go too.
she weighs 22lbs 4ozs - 83rd percentile
and is 30 in tall - 80th percentile.
her head was 18cm - 75th percentile.
my big ol' adorable one year old.
i liked it because i got to ask all
my questions i've had for the last 3 months:
how many ounces of milk should she be getting?
is 2% okay or does it need to be whole milk?
is the rash on her arm normal or an allergy?
what do i do about her gross motor skills?

the answers:
between 12 and 18 ozs.
whole milk for the next three months,
then you can do 2%.
totally normal, not an allergy.
meet with a PT for help.

yep, we were referred to a physical therapist at children's mercy,
AND we have someone from first steps coming over.
our pediatrician thought it might be time since
brette hasn't really had any great breakthroughs in the last 3 months.
she is still just sitting and rolling over.
there is some scooting going on,
but nothing to write home about.
i'm so excited to get the help and
to get this baby on her feet.
unfortunately, our PT can't see her for another 6 weeks.
but the good news is, the lady from first steps
will be here thursday.
i'm so excited to see what she has to say.
in other news - brette's lip stayed swollen
for a couple more days after my initial post.
i had our family dentist see it and he thought it was infected.
i called our pediatrician and they thought it sounded like a mucocele.
in the end, i just left it alone and it healed itself.
thank god.
but i'm not excited to see the ER bill.
wah wah.

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  1. 1. Don't stress about milk consumption. They go through spurts! Crosby would drink 4 cups one day and none the next.
    2. I would call another PT and see if you can get in sooner. What about the PT Shan used?
    3. She is perfect, wish I could see her this weekend!!!