Monday, June 16, 2014

her day

we had a little shindig over the weekend
to celebrate brette's big first birthday.
it was perfect.
well, not perfect, but pretty freaking great.
i was running around all week preparing.
cooking, baking, decorating, cleaning.
i think brette appreciated all the man-hours.
no, not really.
but she did appreciate the hot air balloon theme.
my girl loves balloons.
she ate a little breakfast,
had so much fun opening gifts,
chowed down on some cake,
and hung out with all her favorite people.
she is definitely loved.
thank you to all our framily (near and far) that helped celebrate.
it. was. awesome.
wanna see?

first, some pics of the party: 
the dessert table.
 cloud cookies i bought from a local bakery.
so good.
peanut butter cup hot air balloon cookies.
i stole this recipe from the pioneer woman.
very very easy to make.
i made brette's smash cake using my mom's sheet cake recipe
and the icing was leftover from my cousin's bday and she offered up the rest.
um, yes please.
then i just made a hot air balloon out of a reese's cup and a chinese lantern.
next stop, the food table.
i made breakfast casserole and french toast casserole.
then i just cut up some fruit, my mom brought mini muffins
and sat out some juice and chocolate milk.
besides the food, the party was outside.



we moved brette's highchair out there
so she could have breakfast and
get crazy with her smash cake without messing up my entire kitchen.
i tied huge balloons to her highchair.
it was supposed to be her very own "hot air balloon."
next it was time to open presents.
 we sat her in the grass so everyone could see.

ronnie and i tagged teamed the gifts so
it went faster to hold her attention.
it seemed to work.

and then, the grand finale of a first birthday.
her big ol' cake.
i had no doubt that brette would love it.
she even made sure to get most of it in her mouth
instead of all over.
(even though i stripped her down to save her outfit.)
no way she was going to waste it.


did brette have a good first birthday?
yes, i think so.

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