Thursday, June 5, 2014

how may i help you?

i started my new job last friday
and it's a really good schedule for me.
the first weekend was a bit rough.
i worked all day friday,
then worked a half day on saturday.
i came home for an hour and saw brette,
then had to turn around and leave for
my friends 30th birthday party.
saw brette all day sunday,
but went back to work for a full 10 hour day on monday.
so in the first four days,
i only had one full day with b.
i was thinking - um no, i just want to stay home with my kid.
but now that i had tuesday,
wednesday and thursday off,
i'm feeling much better about life.
i get 5 out of the 7 days with brette,
and i still have time to run errands,
grocery shop, cook a few meals and
catch up on some laundry/housework.
i even managed to take brette swimming,
have a play date, made it to storytime and
go to the movies with ronnie's sister and her kiddos.
i get to do all the things i want to do AND work.
(insert fist pump)
i'm really thankful for my trip to mexico the week
before i started back at my job.
it made leaving brette with my mom so easy.
especially since i knew i would see her over lunch
and that night.
 i think once i get into a routine,
it will be a total win/win for me and brette.
two bonuses of working and having my mom watch brette:
1- i get to wear all my "work" clothes that haven't
been touched in almost two years.
oh yeah.
 nine months of pregnancy and one year off,
left the majority of my wardrobe just hanging. literally.  
2- my mom doesn't watch can't work the tv
so while brette sleeps she feels the need to keep busy.
so far my closet has been reorganized,
my drawers have been refolded
and oven has been cleaned. 
seriously amazing.

i go back to the ol' j-o-b tomorrow
and i'm feeling totally comfortable with it.
 (this was brette yesterday looking all sorts of 80's fabulous)

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