Wednesday, June 18, 2014

calling all doctors

we had another "first" over here - -
the first trip to the ER.
brette woke up wednesday morning with the inside
of her top lip swollen. (the frenulum)
it didn't seem to bother her, but it freaked me out.
the way it looked i thought her tooth had actually
gone through it. 
there was a little white part sticking out that looked like her tooth.
it was swollen to where i couldn't see her front two teeth.
i tried getting her lip out from her teeth with a warm
wash cloth and then with a q-tip,
but i didn't make much progress.
and honestly, i was scared to apply much pressure,
plue she was crying so i'm not surprised i didn't get far.
it was about 7:30am and our pediatrician doesn't open
until 9:00 and then i'd have to wait until they have an opening.
soooo - after calling my mom, dad, ronnie's mom and sister
(for back-up opinions)
i decided to take her into the ER to see what they could do.
ronnie was working somewhere out in bfe and had no service,
so i couldn't get a hold of him to let him know what was going on,
so i forged on alone.
i actually didn't have to wait once i got there,
they saw brette right away.
there were two nurses and a doctor.
i laid her down and the two nurses held her
while the doctor tried to get in between her lip and her teeth.
she screamed and cried - - i hated life.
he said that her lip was actually not hung up on her teeth and
her tooth had not gone through her lip.
the white part i saw sticking through was actually
a piece of skin.  (thank god.)
he couldn't really tell me exactly why it was this swollen.
it could either be from an infection or she popped herself in the mouth.
he referred me to the pediatric dental specialist in lee's summit.
he also said that if it was from infection,
they might cut it open to release whatever is in there.
i left with a number for them.
brette passed out in her carseat on the way home and
has been asleep ever since. (2 1/2 hours ago)
i've decided to give her a day or two to see if the
swelling will go down on its own.
i really really don't want to put her through
any sort of procedure if its not necessary.
i'm going to try benadryl and popsicles and hope for the best.
i'll keep you posted.
i snapped this quick pic after the doctors had left.
i gave B a bottle to help calm her down.
can you tell she was exhausted? 
poor girl.

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