Saturday, June 7, 2014

dirty thirty - - again

i mentioned that i went to my friend's 30th birthday party last saturday.
the year that everyone turns 30 is a lot like the year everyone turned 21.
there are some serious parties.
only this time we are in a bit of mourning instead of celebrating.
a minor detail.
shannon, my friend from high school and
college roommate of four years,
is one of the last ones to take the plunge into her third decade.
(only lindsay is left and she only has a
couple more weeks to live it up in her 20's)
we all met at our local winery where this happened:

yeah right.
i would be crawling, not walking.
and my eyes would be pointed in two different directions. 
that's what you get for trying to be nice
and clearing the table.
but it was a fun afternoon and our
other college roommate, margie, made it down from st. louis.
(aka - katie, but we call her marge because
of her uncanny resemblance to marge simpson.)

brad and ronnie missed out because they were both
volunteered to watch the kids.
but lucky for me, marge wanted to see brette while she was in town
so ronnie brought her up and met us for dinner.

a fun day outside
with my best friends.
love them.
happy birthday, shannie!

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