Wednesday, August 13, 2014

our next house

ronnie and i cannot decide for the life of us
what we want for our next home.
for  y e a r s  we have been looking for a house with some
acreage that we could fix up and make our own.
now, ronald is o.v.e.r working on a house.
he says he just wants to come home from work and relax.
hang out with me and brette and not be
busting his ass trying to fix something.
i get it.
i totally do.
we spent the first three years at this house renovating.
i understand that he's burnt out,
but that kind of messes up our my plans.
he wants something move-in ready.
but we can't afford something that's move-in ready AND on land.
so, in lees summit, that pretty much leaves us with two options:
buy a cookie-cutter house or build our own.
i decided that we should totally build.
i found land.
i found house plans. 
i put an offer on 10 acres and they accepted.
this is gonna work!
(only, one small problem.)
land is expensive.
building a house is expensive.
we have to do dirt work,
put in a septic system,
and lay a driveway
all before we ever spend a dime on the house.
i'm not certain that we will be able to build
the house that i want once all of this is added up.
and now ronnie is sending me listings for regular, old,
cookie cutter houses in neighborhoods.
are they nice?
for sure.
would ronnie have to do anything?
not a thing.
would brette love it?
of course.
but its not really what i want.
is this the part where i take one for the team?
i'm dragging my feet,
but i'm trying to come around to the idea.
the thought of picking between a beige or dark beige house is killing me.

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