Thursday, August 14, 2014

another school year

i get serious joy from all the
first-day-of-school photos on facebook.
all the kiddos are adorable.
i literally cannot wait for the day that brette
is standing proudly on our front porch getting ready to start kindergarten.
i love, love, love the anticipation of a new school year.
i was the kid that was too excited to sleep
and was pumped to get to school.
i. loved. school.
i met kassie on my first day of kindergarten
and all these years later, we're still bff's.
that's right people,
your kid might have just met their lifelong friend today.
that's huge.
and since its thursday,
i thought i'd do a little
 schoolday throwback of my own.
 brian's first day of kindergarten. (1987)
what is that outfit?
and i was too young for school,
but i never passed up a chance to pose for a picture.
and now, my first day of kindergarten. (1989)
(i know my brother looks like a future serial killer,
but he just hated getting his picture taken.
i don't think we have one with him smiling until he was in high school.)
notice that my mom and i are matching?
she was the kindergarten art teacher
and apparently i made her match me
since we were going to be in the same building.
obviously, my fashion sense has evolved.
(everyone nod your head.)
i hope everyone that had littles (and bigs) go off to school,
 also had evenings filled
with exciting stories of their amazing first day.

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