Monday, September 29, 2014

beach: day 1


mimi, papa, uncle brian, aunt jaime,
madeline, eden, ronnie, brette and myself
 made it to seaside, florida.
its so pretty and
so relaxing.
we rented a house so
every family has their own bedroom
and their own bathroom.
the girls can nap or play
and we have the space for both.
here is the house we rented,
rightfully named amazing grace
and its right across the street from the ocean.
here is day one in photos.
a little sun, a little rain
and a whole lot of cuteness.

ronnie and i managed to escape for a little walk around
the town while brette napped.
its such a cute community.
you can walk or bike anywhere,
the houses all have white picket fences
and every store and restaurant is local.
i love it.




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