Thursday, September 4, 2014

brette update

since i did a little update about our moving situation yesterday
i thought i'd do another update today,
this time on brette.
i stopped doing my monthly recap when she hit a year,
but she's definitely still changing everyday.
let's see...
her hair is getting long with sweet curls in the back.
we're still fighting cradle cap,
but we bought medicated shampoo so
hopefully it clears up soon.
her eyes are a gorgeous blue.
she has a mouthful of teeth.
so many that i don't even know the exact count.
she's wearing a 4 diaper,
and 12-18 month clothes.
she takes milk three times a day:
morning, afternoon and night.
she can hold her own cup
and knows the difference between the ones that you
have to tilt your head back
verses the ones with a straw.
when she drinks out of a sippy cup,
she straight napoleon dynamites it.
its hilarious.
she eats breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner.
she can sign for "more" now.
that helps the whole grunting-for-more-food thing she does.
currently, i'm working on "please" and "eat."
i would like for her to tell me the difference between
when she's hungry and when she's thirsty.
hopefully that kicks in soon.
we're working on holding her own spoon,
but its awfully messy.
her sleep schedule is changing because of my work schedule.
she still sleeps through the night and
has been getting up around 8:00 lately.
since i go to work at noon,
we've started trying to put her down for
only one nap a day while at jaime's.
i'm crossing my fingers she loves it,
because its definitely a game-changer.
yesterday she slept from noon to 2:35.
and was in bed by 8:00.
so far its working.
she can point at things in a book when you ask her to.
where is the dog?
where is the cat?
things like that.
she can also point out things on your face.
where are mommy's ears?
where is mommy's nose?
its so amazing to see her grasp language.
i think she understands more than i give her credit for,
but we are constantly talking and labeling what things are.
she likes to take things out and then put them back in.
she'll take all her toys out and then put them back.
or she'll take every dishwasher tablet out of the box
and then put them back in it.
over and over.
some other favorites:
a winnie the pooh book that plays music
stairs - she loves climbing stairs
bathroom/kitchen cabinets
mommy's shoes
her swing hanging from our front tree
bath time
the cable box
(i couldn't turn it on for like a week after she messed with it. its off limits now.)
she's a crawling machine and can pull up like a champ, but
we're still working towards walking and i feel like she's
a long way away from her first steps.
we have a meeting with parents as teachers this week
so maybe i'll get some tips.
basically, to sum up,
she's my favorite little girl in the whole world.
baby b.


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