Sunday, February 14, 2016

happy heart day

(my valentine)
when ronnie and i got married someone gave me
the book, The Five Love Languages.
have you read it?
i did... like 8 years ago, but it still resonates with me.
my love language?
quality time.
ronnie's love language?
words of affirmation. 
basically, i have to tell him nice things about himself and
he has to hang out with me.
then we're both happy.
so on days like today,
neither one of us are looking for a gift.
thank god, because i did not get him one...
he didn't get me one,
and we couldn't care less.
(ps- "gifts" is one of  the love languages so
this would be a big deal to some.)
instead, we spent the day together.
first, a breakfast date.
it was just the two of us because
my parent's had the girls.
reid had her first sleepover without me so we could go
out for ronnie's sister's 40th birthday.
then, to make things really romantic we came home,
laid in bed and watched the movie,
straight outta compton.
because there's nothing that ronnie likes more
than early 90's ganster rap.
then we met up to get our kiddos back and
spent the rest of the day with them,
cleaning up the house and doing laundry.
happy valentine's day to us.
i know.
we rock.
but you know what?
i got my quality time, so
i'm completely happy.
now i just have to go give ronnie some compliments
and we should be all good.
happy valentine's day to you,
however you want to celebrate it.

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