Monday, February 8, 2016

super snack

i saw one of those tasty videos on facebook and
i actually tried out the recipe.
i meant to share this over the weekend so
you guys could use it for the super bowl,
buuuut i totally dropped the ball.
instead, just file this away for your next party.
i didn't make it for the super bowl either.
instead, my work had a food day on friday and
it seemed like the perfect recipe to try.
i ended up forgetting to make it so i rushed to the store and
put it together in the kitchen at the bank.
it literally took me 5 minutes.
so easy.
do you like chili cheese dogs?
i don't.
meat topped with meat just isn't my thing
so this wasn't for me,
but ronald loves them.
he's the guy that orders a footlong coney dog at sonic. (gross)
so i wanted to try it out because i thought this would
be something he'd really like.
you'll need:
a package of lil' smokies
a package of cream cheese
1 can of hormel chili
1 can of crescent rolls
topped with shredded cheese
pop the cream cheese in the microwave to soften.
then mix it up with the hormel chili.
set aside.
take the crescent rolls and wrap your smokies.
place them on a baking sheet in a circle.
pour your chili mix in the middle.
sprinkle with shredded cheese.
bake with crescent rolls instructions.
(375 for 15 mins)
wah la - chili cheese dog dip.
** wanna extra tip?**
my aunt shared this over the holidays.
if you're making pigs in the blanket with hot dogs,
then you can use the regular crescent rolls.
if you're using little smokies, then you
should buy the crescent ROUNDS.
they are already cut into strips and fit
the smokies better.
all you have to do it cut them and
half and they're perfect!

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