Monday, March 13, 2017

easter basket fun

after i realized i ordered the girls'
valentine gifts last minute and barely got everything on time, 
i thought i would get 
ahead of the game for easter.
i don't want the bunny disappointing anyone.
i snooped around on a few blogs and got a 
couple good ideas and then i ordered a couple things
i know they would like and crazy enough,
i'm done.
everything should be delivered this week and
i just have to hide it for a month.
i really love the power of amazon prime. 
here's the down low on their baskets:



and those bathtub stickers made me think to get them some more 
crayons and markers for the tub too.
i'll be one in each baskets and they can fight about
who gets to use them later.

and then finally i went over to old navy
and ordered both of them new jellies for
summer with a shirt to match.
nothing fancy, but
brette lives in jellies in the summer.

and that's it.
i'll pick up something chocolate later,
but i think they'll be excited.

now go get started.
your kids will thank you.

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