Thursday, March 16, 2017

2017: week eleven

last weekend was fun.
we actually went out, had a few 
green beers, hung out with friends and
made it home by 9pm.
it was my kind of outing.
the girls stayed at my parent's for a big 
slumber party with their cousins.
reid attaches herself to eden, literally in love with her.
and brette and madeline pair up.
the four actually get along really well and have
a ton of fun together playing barbies and soccer.
since madeline is in kindergarten they don't get
to play together as often so i like it when they
get a whole day to do whatever they want.

(a picture my dad sent me after reid drew all 
over her face in non-washable marker. good times.)

i worked monday, wednesday, friday this week
which means reid spent an extra day at the sitter's.
she cries every time i leave her there, so i
seriously dread taking her.
i'm really hoping i can start her at brette's school
very soon and i'm crossing my fingers she enjoys that more.
last night when we all got home from work/school/the sitter's,
ronnie decided to go out to dinner with cale and jake.
of course brette always goes too.
she loves her little dinners with dad and his friends every week.
but it finally happened.
reid realized she was getting left. 
when they tried to say bye, she
ran to the back door grabbed her coat and cried
at ronnie's legs.  it was so sad.
i tried coaxing her to stay with treats, but
she wasn't having it.
she stood at the door and just 
cried and cried, climbing up his leg
so ronnie took her too.
somehow i managed to get a night at home by myself.
i ate dinner in front of the tv and
went for a little run.
i loved it.
ronnie, however, said it was not relaxing and the
boys have decided to start grilling out instead.
one dinner with both girls and he's waving the white flag. 
i'm not surprised. 
but since spring is basically here and my bff, kassie is
moving to town in a month, i don't mind
starting a little dinner tradition at the house.
sounds like fun. 
(just as long as the boys cook.)

we have no plans this weekend, which means
i'm probably going to put ronnie back to work
on our little house project.
he does so well for a bit and then... nothing.
no progress at all.
it. kills. me. 
the mud bench is still sitting, not caulked or painted.
which means the walls haven't been done either.
just shoot me. 
i'm hoping he can get SOMETHING done over the next few days.
he's not going to stay cooped up in the house for 
very much longer so i have to keep on top of him for just a bit more. 

hope everyone is having a nice week and
i think warmer temperatures are back!

ps- don't forget your green tomorrow!

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