Tuesday, March 27, 2018

a farewell to our house

the night we sold our house i made a little
video because i wanted one more look at it 
before it wasn't mine anymore.
plus it was perfectly picked up after the showing and
you have to take advantage of that.

i love it.
the house we brought reid home to and the 
house brette started school in.
plus a million memories in between.
i'm going to miss it.

meanwhile, we have been super busy over here 
packing and moving everything out. 
we got the majority of it done last weekend.
a couple of friends (cale and paco) 
came over on saturday to help with the heaving lifting and
then my parents came up sunday to help with all the things
that were going to warrensburg.
i always feel organized and ready, until its the day of and then
i'm like "seriously, where did all this shit come from?"
it's crazy how much crap accumulates. 
i purged a lot of stuff in january, but i think i need to be a
little more crazy and go through everything again.
we really have TOO MUCH STUFF.
unfortunately, we're not quite done.
we still have some things left in the basement and in the shed.
i'm thankful the house is empty, but i know this saturday will
be another full day of moving. blah.

we are set up in warrensburg though so that helps.
thank god my parent's still have a big enough house
to fit us all in. 
brette is in my old room, reid is in brian's old room,
my old playroom is their playroom and ronnie and i
made ourselves a little apartment down in the basement. 
it works perfectly.
i'm just ready to get started on the new house and
get moved in.
it's going to be a busy spring.

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