Wednesday, May 23, 2018

progress in inches

so a lot has happened in three weeks!
are we moved in?
um, no.
are we close?
still a no.

BUT i feel like i can see light at the end of the tunnel.
sheet rock is done and cabinets are installed.
cale and ronnie have been working everyday on
getting all the trim in and the wood planking on the walls.
i made a (long) list for cale and slowly but surely 
he is working his way through.
they have to be completely done by monday, (memorial day)
because tuesday the house is getting a deep clean and
we are handing it over to the PAINTERS!
say whaaaa?!!
paint makes me feel VERY CLOSE.
ronnie still tells me we won't move in until july,
but i have high hopes for june 23rd as move in day.
we do have a bunch of little stuff to do, but
i'm hoping ronnie can get those done after work in the 
few weeks its being painted and floors go in. 
here's a few pictures of the progress.
mostly this is just proof that we have things like walls,
trim, hanging doors, closet shelves and cabinets. 
minor details.

and just to let you know,
i stepped on a nail last week at the house and put
it through my foot.
it was super painful - - only to be
followed up with a tetanus shot, which
also hurts like the dickens.
so yeah, both my left foot and left arm were
out of commission last week and i hated life. 
this house better be sweet. 

meanwhile - - did i tell you i put the girls in 
swim lessons this spring?
both kids are scared to put their face under water and 
i thought the sooner i get them in, the better.
i don't want a 7 year old scaredy cat. 
both girls LOVED it.
they asked to go all the time and loved telling
us about their progress. 
(which i have to say, was not a big change, but i'm 
going to keep signing them up in hopes that they
start feeling super comfortable in the water.)
but i need to add, i totally should have put reid in the next level
up where parents don't have to get in the pool with their kid.
turns out, a couple i went to high school with was there 
with their kid so every week, i'm like "oh hey, haven't seen you
in 15 years, don't mind me in my freaking swim suit!"
it was humiliating. 

(and i did make ronnie have a turn once.)

i promise to post again soon,
i have lots to catch up on like
pre-k graduation, mother's day,
and decoration ideas for the house.

soon, i swear.

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