Monday, June 20, 2011

white out

i haven't posted about my basement in sometime but believe me when i say things are going slowly, but surely.  you can get a recap here, here and here.
the trim alone has taken weeks and weeks.  lets just say after two coats of primer and three coats of white, it should finally be done. 

then we had to replace all the doors.  the big closet doors that cost more $$$ - we painted.  but the normal doors to the bedroom, bathroom and workroom we bought new.  only $25 a piece.  not bad at all.
but then ronnie had to cut out a hole for the door handle, lock and whittle down a place for the hinges.  after he's done, then it's my turn.  they each need two coats of white paint - per side.  the dry time alone really holds up this process.  i plan to have these all hung by weeks end.

then we're letting it all dry for a couple of weeks before we go all sorts of gray-crazy on the walls. 
whoop. whoop.  

finished pictures to come.  

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