Sunday, September 17, 2017


ronnie and i talked my parents into watching
both girls and dogs over the weekend so we
could take the Harley down to eureka springs with
two other couples for a little adult trip.
two weekends out of town, which is normally
not my style but this sounded so fun, we couldn't pass it up.  
i had never been, but ronnie had, and he's literally
been talking about going down there for years.
his friend invited us and at first, ronnie
didn't think we should go, but i'm glad i talked
him into taking some time away.
it was very pretty,
perfect weather and
such a neat little town.
it kind of reminds me a little bit
of estes park and branson.
it's tucked in the trees and the hills
which makes it a fun ride on a motorcycle.
we shopped around, did a little day drinking
and i was in bed by 10:30.
the next day we headed out to branson, where
we stopped for lunch and hit up the outlet mall.
(i forgot i was traveling on a harley and bought
a huge bag which had to travel on our friend's bike - whoops.)
i was definitely tired when i got home, but
it was fun to get away and have a short weekend
without the kids.
i guess i can consider this an early birthday gift.

we've already decided that we need to schedule
another trip to the smokey mountains or nashville.
i love traveling.
i can't wait until the girls are a little older so we
can go on fun family vacations that don't require

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