Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Birthday pieces

we had reid and eden's birthday party two weekends ago,
lego themed. (eden's pick)
it's easy while reid is so small because i can just do
whatever eden wants and reid doesn't care at all.
i'm sure next year, we might have to compromise a bit. 
although, eden is literally so sweet with reid i think
it's going to be easy for them to share their birthday parties. 
kelly sent me a bunch of lego party ideas and it
ended up being pretty easy fun.

first, i bought red, yellow and blue party bags.
i cut the fronts off of them and cut out little circles.
a little glue and some rope, and wah la, 
a lego banner, which i hung on the fireplace. 

i did more of these to hang above our kitchen and 
hung streamers and balloons. 
i also busted out our big legos as a centerpiece for
the table and had my mom bring up brian's legos 
from when he was a kid.
we had a little lego building station and 
i took two of the green pads, made an E and a R
to help decorate the cake. 

which the cake, my mom made.
i told her what i wanted and she did the rest since
it needed to be dairy free and i had never tried it before.
i knew my mom's dairy free cake was amazing and i
didn't want to mess it up for the party.
basically, just make a sheet cake and some extra cupcakes.
cut the bottoms off the cupcakes and place them 
on the sheet cake in a lego pattern.
then ice.

some of our family couldn't make it this year,
so it was a smaller crowd, but
since we ordered pizza, there was nothing left for 
me to do but hang out and talk, which was a nice
change from some of the other parties i've thrown.

i think the girls had fun and i loved spending
the day with family. 

happy birthday reid and eden! 
our big 2 and 5 year old girls. 
love them so much.

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