Saturday, August 26, 2017

back to school

we wrapped up summer and headed into the
fall semester at the girls' school.
they had a week off in between so i took off
work and spent some quality time with the kids.
the branson trip didn't work out because ronnie's 
dad forgot we were coming and had other plans.
wah wah.
it was a real bummer, but i called my margie in st. louis and
asked if we could come crash at her place for the weekend, so
we did that instead.
right before we left, i called our other college roomie, shannon,
to see if she wanted to come too and as luck would
have it, she and her youngest were free to joined us.
so basically within an hour we had planned a little reunion last minute.
it was so nice to visit marge and her kids and let our kids play.
she just bought a new home so it was perfect timing to see
her new crib too.
(ps- it makes me want a new house)
the kids had fun and marge, shan and i always love to hang out.
i think ronnie even enjoyed himself too.

once we got home, we had a few more days of freedom
and then wednesday, they started back to school.
brette is in pre-k with ms. kay and reid is in the 2's
classroom with ms. susie. 
and guess what!!!
reid has literally not cried one time since starting back.
maybe a week at home with me and she realized that 
maybe school isn't such a bad thing? 
here's brette's class

 and this is brette on this year verses last year on her first day. 
so sweet.

it was a nice week of vacation and a great week back to school.
i think this is going to be a really good school year for both of them
and i'm excited to see how much they learn.

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