Tuesday, August 8, 2017

it's the final countdown

holy hell.
july came and went,
and now august seems to be flying.
here's a little recap:
ronnie left for a week to go to sturgis.
boys only trip. (eye roll)
but we agreed to trade time this year.
he stayed home when i went to new orleans last spring
and then i stayed home while he did this.
the only difference is he was gone DOUBLE the amount of time. 
of course.
also, he texted me tonight (they're on their way home)
and his friend's bike fell on his in the trailor on 
the drive home and his bike has lots of damage.
i can only imagine what this is going to cost us.
oh, and he already told me he wants to go next year.

meanwhile, the girls and i have had some fun of our own.
we went with my mom and dad to the KC aquarium over the weekend.
it was a rainy day, perfect for a fun little indoor adventure.
plus i always love going to crown center.

then on sunday, i picked up madeline and eden and met
jeff, kelly and dylanie for the butterfly exhibit at powell gardens.
(where ronnie and i got married)
it was so cute with lots of little activities and of course, butterflies. 
i drove the girls over to the chapel and let them walk through,
just so they could see where our wedding was.
they thought it was disgusting that i kissed ronnie there and
brette was worried i was going to get married again without dad.
they're so funny.

so the weekend was good, but weekdays kind of drag.
we go to work/school, come home and do dinner, playtime, bath and bed, but
then it's 8:00 at night and I have nothing to do and no one 
to talk to for the next 2-3 hours.
don't get me wrong, i read two books in complete peace and 
i watched kylie jenner's new show without any complaining.
but i'm not used to sleeping alone and there were a few times
i heard weird noises and even though i'm the only adult
in the house i still freak out and move to the middle of my bed.
so i'm excited he's coming home and we can be boring together again.

also, today was the girls' last day of summer school and they
had a little summer picnic to celebrate.

their school closes for a week before fall session begins.
which mean - I GET THE NEXT WEEK OFF!
honestly though, i really like my job and i don't feel like
i've been there long enough to really need a vacation, but still.
i'm going to try to make the next week really fun 
for the girls and hang out with all my favorite friends that 
i don't get to see anymore.
i already have a girls dinner planned, a play date in warrensburg, 
a trip to the zoo and a weekend away to branson scheduled.
we're going to be busy, but it's going to be fun.
sometime in there i need to buy school supplies, go grocery shopping, 
clean house and do the laundry too.
ready. set. go.

it's the last few days of summer and i'm
going to make the most of them.

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