Wednesday, July 26, 2017

reid: 2 years

our little baby is two years old and i
remember thinking when brette was this age,
"wow, you're so grown up!"
but with reid, i feel like she's still my baby.
she still seem so young,
thank god.

both girls have a pediatrician appointment in august.
i had them scheduled for earlier this month but
my dr cancelled on me, so i have no stats on either child
for their birthday. wah wah.
the clothes that fit reid the best are 24 months.
2T are still big on her and the 18 month stuff,
depending on what it is, she can still wear.
she's in a diaper (size 5) at nap time and at night.
besides that, she's rocking undies all day, but
we still see our fair share of accidents.
she does great and then not great.
for example, she went four days with no accidents and
then turned around and had two accidents today.
it's frustrating.
her hair is still growing a lot and is down past her shoulders.
i think its lightened a bit in the summer and i'm
pretty sure we're going to end up with a strawberry blonde.
ps- she still HATES to get her hair done.
it's a battle.
physically, she so much more advanced than
B ever was at this age.
she climbs up ladders and goes down slides.
she pulls over chairs and climbs up on them.
she's everywhere and into everything.
ronnie is still calling her scragglemuff and
his chinese redhead. (because we swear she's speaking chinese.)
we also call her our little make-out queen because
she will quite literally not stop kissing you.
she kisses everyone and is the sweetest little girl.
i'm also proud to report that reid is really starting to talk well.
i love love love when my babies start talking.
she will pretty much repeat anything you ask her to say.
i hear a lot of "mama" except its really drawn out.
maaaaaaamaaaa and it goes up at the end.
she does it to ronnie's name too, because sometimes,
she calls him ronnie and not daddy.
i think it's because ronnie tries to impersonate me so
much that the kids pick up on it.
she is also really polite, saying "peas and tank u."
it's really really cute.
she can name all her animals and tell you
what sounds they make.
we are working on colors,
right now she knows orange, blue and pink.
yay! school is working!
i heard her say her first sentence the other day and
i meant to write it down, but i can't remember it now.
i just remember thinking, oh my gosh, that was more than two words in a row!
i definitely see improvements every week. 

reid still sleeps really well for me.
she goes to bed every night at 8:00 and
wakes up around 7:00.
(i think she would actually sleep longer if it was dark out,
one good thing about the winter months.)
when she started school, i transitioned to their schedule
so reid would have some consistency.
they sleep from 12:30 to 2:30 everyday, but
on the weekends she's been known to sleep 3 or 4 hours.
i don't think she sleeps a full 2 hours at school so
by the weekend she is extra tired.
i still have no troubles putting her down or
getting through the night.
although, one night about a month ago i think
she had her first nightmare.
she woke up super upset trying to climb out of her crib.
poor thing.
but that never happens.
i put her down and see her in the morning.
just how i like it.

reid has her favorites and
she likes to stick to them.
morning? she either wants blueberry muffins or
a granola bar with any kind of fruit.
the kid loves fruit. 
it's nice to grab and go for school, but
on the weekends i try to do pancakes, eggs - -
something that takes a bit more effort.
lunch? she likes lunch meat, pb&j's,
hamburgers and i get reports back from the school
that she normally eats most of her meal.
that's good because they're serving a wide variety of
things i know my kids wouldn't touch if i made it.
dinner? recently, i found out she loves tacos, corn on the cob, and chicken pot pie.
i make a bunch of different stuff and sometimes she eats
well and other times she doesn't.
it's a toss up.
she normally eats meat really well,
but not side dishes.
for snacks she likes popcorn, cheese sticks, turkey sticks,
cucumbers, FRUIT, crackers and for a treat she
loves ice cream or m&m's.

i have an announcement!!!!
reid has fallen in love with a
cabbage patch doll.
i know.
her name is Baby. very clever.
do i think she will sleep with her every
night until she's 30?
(so few of us are that cool.)
probably not,
but still, i'm excited.
she carries her around everywhere and
sleeps with her every night.
she loves to cover her with blankets and feed her bottles.
she also really into purse items - -
she always has her phone and keys.
so basically, she's a little mama.
she still likes picking out books, and thank god,
we've made it past Pajama Time everyday.
she does a great job of playing on her own,
which i know 2nd kids are not known for,
but i'm so down with it.
her and brette still don't play well together.
i think the communication gap is still too big.
but i know from watching madeline and eden,
that the day is coming and i'm very excited for it.

t w o  y e a r s  o l d,
i can't believe it.
she's such a sweet baby.
she can shriek with the best of them, but
is so sweet with her 'tank you's' and kisses.
i can't wait to see what the next year brings.

happy birthday, reid elizabeth!
love you.

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