Monday, July 17, 2017

a dress

normally my blog posts are not just
about one dress, but i feel the need to share
because i'm assuming most of my readers are either,
1 - my friends/family
2 - other mom's
in which case, i think you all should know
about this crazy cheap, amazing dress.

hello world, i just bought my #1 go-to summer
dress at Wal-Mart and i'm not ashamed to admit it.
when i was pregnant you could basically find me
in a black t-shirt dress on most days.
it was comfortable.
it fit great.
and it didn't make me feel sloppy.
it's the one piece of maternity clothing that i truly miss.

(see below, i literally wore it all the time.)

so when kassie's sister showed up to elle's birthday
party in a non-maternity version of this dress,
i had to have it.
when she told me it was from Wal-Mart and it was
E I G H T   D O L L A R S,
i ordered two.
one black and one red.
and i'm in love.
a great length and a little bit of stretch.
wear it plain with converse or sandals.
put on a scarf and some flats.
throw on some booties and a jean jacket.
i literally want to wear it everyday.

see if you like it.
i mean, it's only $8, so
what's the harm in giving it a try.

you can thank me later.

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