Thursday, July 13, 2017

happy birthday, ronald!

after our weekend away to illinois we
came back just in time to celebrate the 4th of july with kassie's family and

to celebrate ronnie's  t h i r t y - e i g h t h  birthday on friday.

so old.

my parent's were already planning on having the girls
that afternoon because i had an event at work
so they had to pick them up from school.
i conned them into turning it into a sleepover so ronnie
and i could actually go out and do something fun - - without kids.
i sent a group text to ronnie's friends to get everyone together and
try to set up a little night on the town.
have you ever tried to plan something with a bunch of guys?
it's heinous.
i know us girls might over plan and maybe design a t-shirt, but
at least we're all excited and constantly texting.
guys will sporadically respond back or not at all.
and if they do, it's just to suggest something else or
change something or to talk about something
that i should never have read.
literally, like herding cats.
by the end of it, i was like - whatever, i made reservations,
show up if you want.
and by some miracle, every one of ronnie's friends came out.
it was super nice of them because they actually have to drive
up here to go out and then drive an hour back home, but
i'm really glad we got together and i know ronnie had a good time.
(there might have been a few shots and moonwalking involved)
but i'm bummed because i forgot my phone at home so
this is literally the only photo of the whole night.

we spent saturday getting the girls back and doing a bit of shopping.
sunday we worked in the yard and finally got that fallen tree
completely removed, grass sowed and then a friend of ours
picked up all the wood that i've been staring at for almost a year.
yesssss! fist pump.
ronnie's already planning the next dead tree he wants to cut down,
but I told him to give me a minute to enjoy a yard without
a half a tree laying around and a pile of wood.
my yard feels a little less cluttered and i'm always down for that.
that afternoon we went to miss elle's first birthday.
she had a little 'merica themed party for
our favorite little july 3rd birthday girl.
she rocked her cake.

 it was a good weekend.
and now we're ready for our next!

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