Tuesday, June 16, 2015

brette: 2 years

holy cow.
two years already.
and this last year has been
so. much. fun.
the first year is a lot of change,
but the second year the changes
turn her into her own little person,
if that makes sense.
the things she says,
the faces she makes,
and the fact that this time last year
she was just sitting seems unreal.
especially now because most of the time,
she demands to walk.
but i think the best thing is ALL THE TALKING.
she doesn't stop.
and our conversations are pretty great.
brette weighs 28 lbs.
that's the 75th percentile according to our
dr appointment this morning.
she is 34.5 inches tall, also the 75th percentile.
she wears 2T clothing and at
night she's in a size 5 diaper,
but the rest of the time we're diaper free.
potty training is the worst,
but i'm happy to not spend the money on diapers anymore.
she has all her teeth but one molar.
we took her to the dentist last week
and they said that it looks all good.
her hair is pretty long and i refuse to cut it,
because i'm hoping that one day the front will catch up with the back.
i want to be able to braid her hair and do fun
stuff so a hair cut is not in our near future.
her gross motor skills are actually on target.
running, climbing, trying to jump.
its safe to say that the last six months she's made huge leaps.
she goes to be around 8:30,
gets up by 7:30 and
naps from 1:30 to 4:00.
of course these are all flexible,
but if we're having a "normal" day,
this is pretty standard. 
the food fight is good and bad.
she still eats a variety of things,
which i appreciate,
but there are those days when i feel like
she barely ate anything.
or she just wants crackers.
she has quite the sweet tooth,
so i try not to offer it to her too often.
it is hard though, not to use it as a negotiation tool.
"if you finish your peas, i'll give you a cookie."
probably not the best tactic,
but eat your damn vegetables already!
her favorite food is fruit, just like her daddy
and most days she snacks on lots of fruit.

 talking is brette's forte.
she can let you know pretty much exactly what she's
thinking or what she wants.
just some examples.
the other day she was with my friend shannon in her car
and she goes, "shannon, music!"
(she's a big fan of the radio.)
and last weekend ronnie was moving our modem upstairs
and the cords were getting tangles so ronnie sighed.
brette goes, "what happened, daddy? piece of junk?"
she picks up on all the little things we say
and can repeat them at just the right moment.
you definitely have to watch yourself around her.
our big goal recently has been manners:
please, thank you, excuse me, you're welcome, bless you.
she's pretty good at it but i'm constantly saying,
"what are your nice words?" or "what do you say?"
in fact, ronnie burped the other night and brette goes,
"excuse me, daddy" and kept repeating it until he said excuse me.
manners police over here.

she loves her play room,
any kind of swing,
play doh,
making cookies
or coloring.
we're working on the concept of sharing
which sometimes she's great at and other times we
just hear, MINE!
there is a lot of "stop it, i do it, no mommy" which is
frustrating for me but i know this is just the beginning
of her finding her independence and me honing my negotiating skills.
we'll see who survives. 
putting together sentences
walking up and down stairs (with me)
having an opinion  (about everything)
counts to 10
forward facing car seat
started daycare one day a week
lots of changes that turned my
baby into a little girl.
and what a special little girl she is.




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