Sunday, June 7, 2015

summer festival

i had a really fun weekend.
the summer festival came to town
and its always one of my favorite weekends.
remember our little caricature from last year?
next year we'll have to get a new one done
with our one year old and our three year old.
i took brette downtown saturday morning.
her favorite parts were the bouncy ride and
her pink lemonade slushy.

my favorite part?
the funnel cake.
but brette had to go potty pretty much right when
we started eating it and when we got back
someone had thrown it away.
talk about devastation.
don't mess with a pregnant lady's damn funnel cake.
i'm serious.
its rude and its a good way to lose an arm.

i thought brette would love the petting zoo and horse
rides, but the horses freaked her out. 
she wouldn't ride one at all.
she wouldn't even pet it.
we'll have to try again next year.
she loved feeding the goats though.
i also offered to get her face painted
but she declined.
i guess i was more excited for her,
than she was.
but it tuckered her out and she fell asleep
on the way home so i put her to bed
where she played for 2 hours in her crib.

my mom and dad took her that evening so
ronaldo and i could go back to the fair for the
adult portion of the program.
we invited several couples over to watch some
horse win the triple crown (obviously i don't follow horse racing)
and then we headed downtown for the amazing fair food,
beer gardens and concert.
it was a lot of fun.
although, i did get pretty uncomfortable by then end of the night.
i forget how much i love laying down until i can't do it
for several hours at a time.
but i won't complain because it was so
nice to get some time out with friends.


we picked brette up sunday morning and actually
bought a new piece of furniture for the house.
i have pictures.
i'll share soon.
hope everyone had a wonderful weekend too!

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