Tuesday, June 30, 2015

sprinkled with love

my bff's threw me a sweet little baby sprinkle
over the weekend.
(haven't heard of a sprinkle?
its the mini version of a baby shower)
less people, less fuss and
way perfect for your second child.
especially since our new little lady
will mostly be using what we had for brette.
(don't tell her though, we don't want her getting
second child syndrome.)
i left b-money with ron-dog and hit
the road to miss dana's house.
she did an amazing job with so
many cute touches!


and most of my favorite people were under one roof,
just for me and this sweet baby on the way.

ps- dana is NOT pregnant.  i'm just
jealous of her super skinny body.
we played a game of who knew me the best.
(my mom beat kass by a point)
ate lots of breakfast food... and cupcakes.
opened gifts where stuffed foxes were a big hit.
(the perfect finishing touch to the nursery.)
and just enjoyed the morning with my peeps.
couldn't ask for more.
thanks girlies!
that evening we celebrated birthdays at my house...
but that's a story for tomorrow.

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