Tuesday, June 9, 2015

who wants to watch some tv?

sutherlands struck again.
i have wanted this piece of furniture since we left with our kitchen island.
(not to mention the cow hide rug still waiting for me to scoop up.)
you know when you get something stuck in your head
and you know it would be perfect?
that's how i get with ideas for my house.
i see something, i know i want it and
then i have to until we're either ready to buy it
or ready to do that project.
but either way... i WILL make it happen eventually.
i have so many things still on my list for this house,
but we're wrapped up in just getting the walls done,
that a lot of the little finishing touches will have to wait.
and yes, it kills me.
but i don't want to overwhelm ronaldo and
i think he would go a little nuts if he actually knew all
the things still on my list.
both projects to do and things to buy.
but i'm happy to say that i do get to cross
one little thing off my list that we bought for the
house over the weekend.
a new freaking tv stand.
if you remember our last house,
the tv was mounted over the fireplace so
there was no need for a piece of furniture to hold it.
(man, i miss those built-ins)
so for the last four months we sat our extra large tv
on my old coffee table from college.
it was originally my brother's table that the fraternity
brothers used to play quarters on.
i spray painted it black back in 2004 and it's been living
with me ever since.
yes, its that classy.
i especially hate it because brette could reach the tv
and we constantly had grubby little finger prints all over.
it had to go.

(like my new bull pic on the wall? a mother's day gift)
so we headed back out to sutherlands to make
my tv stand dreams come true.
technically this piece is sold as buffet for a dining room.
you're supposed to use it for your china and table linens,
but i thought it would be the perfect size to hold our tv,
dvds, cable box and i can even hide brette's
toys in the those sweet middle drawers.
i left one drawer empty for future baby.
i plan on putting diapers, wipes and extra burp cloths in there.
i love that i can have all this stuff hidden away,
but easily accessible.
isn't it a beauty?

it really makes this room feel more complete,
especially since this is the one room that still
needs all the walls done.
speaking of walls,
ronnie finished the first layer of skim coat in the dining room
and living room.  it still needs to be sanded, recoated, re-sanded,
caulked, and primed, BUT
we're getting there.
in the meantime, i'll just stare at my tv and think good thoughts.

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