Wednesday, June 17, 2015

weekend recap

friday was brette's birthday.
so when i got home from work we had
a quick dinner and then promptly celebrated
with a cupcake.
it was beautiful, but fell off the seat in my car and
was destroyed only 2 mins after buying it.
dang the luck.

brette didn't seem to mind the heinous way it looked.
however, i should have gotten three because
ronnie and i stood over her like vultures
waiting for our own bites.
how cute is she? a total icing hog.
and marge - your kids get a shout out at the beginning
because i made her stop watching the sweet birthday video they sent.
on saturday we got ourselves around
and out of the house by 9 so we could
make it to the air show down in warrensburg.
i'd never been but i guess its something ronnie
used to go to with his dad so we offered his dad
to come too and spend the day with B.
the line to get in was heinous, but
brette enjoyed the planes and especially the helicopter.
i enjoyed, well, not much.
i was hot and planes don't interest me
like they do ronald.

on sunday we went out for lunch with
brian, eden and madeline,
which is always fun.
especially when everyone gets an ice cream cone at the end.
i can't wait to add another little girl to this pack.
too. much. fun.
and that evening we headed to our
first ever neighborhood block party.
i made veggie squares.

we made it through the annual meeting
but when it was dinner time we got caught in a downpour.
i grabbed two hot dogs and two cookies and made a run for it.
brette and i sat in the truck while ronnie went back to gathered our chairs.
he was totally soaked.
i almost snapped a picture of him,
but i don't think he would have appreciated it.
hopefully next year we can actually sit down and
talk to our new neighbors.
it was a fun little birthday weekend.
her party is toward the end of the month
and we're co-hosting with my brother since madeline
and brette's bdays are only 10 days apart.
should be super cute and fun.

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