Wednesday, June 3, 2015

rain rain...

i'm so over the rain.
i heard on the radio that it rained
everyday in may but FOUR.
that really puts a damper on playing outside
and makes the days with a two year old long.
in fact, while i write this, its is raining and
we are under a flash flood warning.
i'm over it.
but we've been getting creative with play-doh,
spending some afternoons with shannon and her crew,
baking cookies and
practicing our soccer skills.
daddy even taught brette how to catch. (sort of)
we do what we can,
but i'm really looking forward to some hot pool days.
come on summer!
(baby paige visiting our house)
 (brette holding miss paige)
 (my little helper baking cookies)
(they turned out weird. obviously.)
 (practicing swimming like a fishy in the bath tub)
(lunch with graham over at shannon's)
hopefully i'll be posting more pics soon...
from outside.

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