Tuesday, June 30, 2015

taco 'bout a party!

an inside look at super cute
birthday party over the weekend.

since my family lives close,
but not s u p e r  close i wanted to make
things a little bit simpler for them
by having my baby sprinkle and
madeline's and brette's birthday parties all in one day.
that way they're not traveling 2 or 3 weekends in june
with back to back parties.
plus since madeline's and brette's birthdays are only
11 days apart, my brother and i decided to combine
them from here on out.
it's easier, its cheaper and its super cute.
(we plan on doing this with eden and baby #2 too.)
and we only invited family,
because that put the party count over 20 already.
this year's theme was a
i picked it because both girls eat
mexican food so well and a
taco/nacho bar sounded easy.
we hung balloons, streamers, a few
piñatas, i busted out my sombreros from
kassie's wedding and called it a day.
it was bright, colorful and really easy.
when we were in mexico last year
i bought brette a little dress and
my friend let me borrow one that she bought her daughter,
so both brette and madeline had dresses on from mexico.
so cute.

we set the time for later in the day to give me
some extra time in between my baby shower and the party,
plus i wanted to give the girls a chance to nap so
they wouldn't be grumpy.
it worked out really well from 4-8.
we served up our mexican feast,
opened gifts,
had dessert,
busted the piñata
and hung out with family.




for dessert i went back to what both girls eat the best which is
ice cream!
i had my dad make some of his famous homemade ice cream,
bought a bunch of toppings and brownies.
then i added a few boxes of popsicles, push-up pops,
ice cream sandwiches and drumsticks just
to make it extra hard to choose what to eat.
i think i went a little overboard,
but you really shouldn't send a pregnant lady
down the ice cream aisle to "pick up a few things."

both senoritas had so much fun
and i know they felt super special to
have so many people come help them celebrate turning
five and two.

i can't believe they're already
that old.

isn't cousin-love the sweetest?

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