Tuesday, July 7, 2015

home stretch

we will be seeing big changes in the next few weeks
and i'm a little shocked that we're already done with the first week of july.
i feel like i wait and wait and wait for my due date to come,
and then all of a sudden i'm almost out of time.
probably because i'm getting nervous.
and with only 19 days left,
i have a few more things to check off my list.

1 - i'm packing my bag for the hospital this week and i need to pack one for brette too.
ronnie's sister has offered to take her for us so ronnie and i can focus on our newest little one.  i volunteered my parents to watch our dogs, so i guess i better pack their bag too.  just in case i end up going in early.

2 - i need to buy a baby book.  i can't believe i forgot one, but i have a few keepsakes from the shower and it reminded me to add this to my list of "must haves."  along with that, i need to charge up our camcorder.  i really want to record brette meeting her sister and some of our "first" moments together.

3 - i'm going to try to make a few freezer meals.  nothing extreme like a did with brette, but something to have on hand just in case i'm too tired to care about food. and that means, i also need to get ronnie to plug in our deep freeze.  its still sitting down in the basement, not being used, but i need that bad boy up and running.

4 - i'm really proud of myself because last week i organized her closet and washed all of her clothes, blankets, and burp cloths.  i also ordered her monitor with a sa-weet gift card from my aunt and cousin, but i need to grab a few diaper genie refills, baby clothes hangers and a sound machine.  easy. easy.  my cousin also ordered me another round of my triangle decals for the changing table, so that's on my list to finish too. that only leaves me with curtains to find, but i'm in no big rush. that's more for my enjoyment.

5 - come up with clever thank yous for the hospital.  i LOVE people visiting me in the hospital.  it was one of my favorite things when i had brette.  getting to show off this beautiful new baby? i can't wait. and if you remember, i made little peanut m&m thank you's so i didn't have to worry about it when i got back home. it was such a relief to check that off my list before i ever got there and i want to come up with something just as cute this time around.  time to search pinterest.

6 - and last is the house. not much i can do, but i have a list for ronaldo. i really thought we would be done by the time this baby came, but i should know better.  ronnie pace does not match my expectations.  i'm heading down to my parent's this weekend to give him and a friend some uninterrupted time to get a least a little more checked off.  i'm really hoping that all the trim will be finished and the walls will be primed. and if i get really lucky, i'd also like the pendant lights to be hung over the kitchen island, but i won't get greedy.

and that's it. 
if i can get that done,
then i think i'll actually be ready.
well, as ready as you can be.

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