Tuesday, July 14, 2015

long hair, don't care

the heat index is 111 and
its nice to find ways to keep my hair up
and out of the way.
normally i'm a girl that LOVES to wear her hair down,
 so when my friend at work showed me
a girl she follows on instagram for hairstyles ideas,
 i decided to give it a whirl.
i started following her and i've tried a
few of her suggestions.
my two new favorites:
1 - dutch braiding the front of my hair.
(dutch braids are the same as regular braids except
you reverse the way you bring a piece to the center.
it really makes your braid bigger.)
2 - pull through braid
(this is really just a bunch of ponytails,
which makes is super easy AND fast.
i like it because it looks different than normal.)
instead of me trying to explain the methods,
i thought you might just like to see the video.
hope you get some good ideas.

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