Tuesday, July 21, 2015

baby watch

my last pregnancy photo.
its 6:30am and i can't sleep even though
i totally should be racking up some extra hours
while i still can.
especially since i'll be checking into the hospital today.
say whaaaa?
technically, i'm not due for another week
and my induction wasn't scheduled until next thursday,
but we had a slight change of plans.
i had a doctor appointment and ultrasound last thursday and
i was still measuring about 4 weeks off.
they wanted to measure the baby to make sure
she was doing just fine in there.
turns out, she was measuring off too.
her little head, arms and legs all measured about 37-38 weeks,
but her body/tummy was only measuring 35 weeks.
it concerned my doctor and made her think that the baby
wasn't getting the nutrients she needs.
she wanted to go ahead and induce me.
she called labor and delivery to see if they could get me in,
while i was sent back to the ultrasound room
to do a biophysical on the baby.
that's where they check the baby's heart rate, breathing, movement, and cord flow.
we had to do this with brette too and she passed all
four tests within minutes, even though they give the baby 30 minutes.
well, this little one took her time.
it was a loooong ultrasound, especially trying to entertain
brette while laying there.
at 30 minutes she still hadn't passed all four tests,
but she did a few minutes later.
i didn't think that was a good sign,
but my doctor said it was close enough,
and since labor and delivery was already overbooked,
they decided to push my induction until after the weekend.
so here i sit,
on a tuesday morning with my bags packed,
waiting to check in tonight.
they're going to have me come in at 8:30 so
i can start taking cervidil through the night and
then we'll start the action induction wednesday morning.
hopefully, if all goes right in the world,
i should be holding my new precious baby girl
sometime tomorrow.
(the sooner, the better).
i'm asking for prayers and good thoughts for tomorrow.
lots of them.
i'm a little nervous about my next fews days,
but hopefully i'll be posting precious hospital photos soon.

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