Thursday, July 16, 2015


i have off so many days in a row during the week
that i could REALLY get a lot done around here...
if i weren't just days away from having a baby.
spray for weeds?  ronnie doesn't want me breathing that in.
mow the yard?  its kind of a bumpy ride and hurts my back.
paint the trim?
spray paint a light fixture?
paint our little kid's table?  sorry, no painting for me.
basically i'm stuck cleaning house,
doing laundry or running errands.
of course, these things are necessary,
but it kills me that i can't get all the other stuff done.
especially when we're so close to having this baby
and all i want in life is to get. shit. done. before she gets here.
oh well.
i need to let it go.
i DID manage to pack my bag, brette's bag, finish a few freezer meals
and make the sweetest little thank you's for the hospital,
which makes me feel a little bit more ready.

my bff also cut down one of her trees and saved me a stump
which is now currently living at my house.
my dad has agreed to make the stump side table his new project,
so i'm excited that its actually going to get done for the nursery.
and last weekend brette and i spent a couple days at my parent's
so ronnie and two of his friends could work on
finishing up more of the downstairs.
i'm happy to report that all of the baseboards and quarter round is up
and all of the walls have been primed.
i think the next step is spraying the trim and painting the walls.
if only that was a super fast and easy job,
but i know it will take time too.
in the meantime,
i'll play with brette and wait for this baby to make her arrival.

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