Friday, July 10, 2015

daddy and brette

with me being HUGE
i've relied on ronnie a lot
to take over with brette when i literally
just want to lay there.
in fact, most of these pictures
i'm pretty sure i'm either on the couch
or in bed.
don't judge.
i'm freaking 9 months pregnant.
but aren't daddy - daughter moments the sweetest?!
please excuse ronnie's legs...
 but they were both in white t-shirts and undies.
 ronnie worked out of town
and brette was happy to see him get back home.
cuddles after her bday party.
and no, i don't think ronnie is that gray-headed.
maybe its the light?!
i don't know.  it freaks me out.
riding her horsey before bed.
again, sorry for ronnie's lack of clothes.
ronnie will have to keep this up
once the baby gets here because if anything,
i'll need more help
so i'm happy to see how much brette loves her daddy. 

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