Thursday, July 9, 2015

summer livin'

even though the weather hasn't really cooperated
this summer, brette and i have got our routine down.
mondays are with mimi and papa while i work.
tuesdays my mom watches brian's girls,
so we normally spend the morning with them.
wednesdays we do laundry and go grocery shopping.
thursday we clean and run any other errands i have.
friday i'm at work and she goes to a sitter.
and in some ways, i feel like MY summer is about to be over.
B and i are on the run a lot.
we go.
we do.
we see.
we rarely spend a whole day at home.
time seems slow when there's not a lot to do,
so i like to keep busy
and i think brette likes it too.
with a new baby on board, i'm probably
going to have to get a lot better at coming
up with fun things to do at home.
i recently bought a bubble machine,
sidewalk chalk, play doh, finger paint and a magna-doodle.
hopefully these things will entertain brette on
the days that i don't feel like loading up both
girls just to get out of the house.
if you have fun suggestions,
send them my way.
i'm going to need them.
here's a little look back into our summer...
lots of neighborhood walks.
hiding in my bathroom cabinets.
because, she's always had a thing for bathroom cabinets.
swimming with her cousins.
field trip days when my dad, my mom
and i all have off.
three on three is totally easy.

out to lunch after deanna rose.
running errands with one toy.
she chose conduit.
ronnie was proud.

royals game for the 4th

and more swimming with madeline and eden.
we've had fun.
and i've loved my last few months with just one kiddo.
i'm definitely going to miss that freedom.
i can pack B up and take her anywhere,
and i know we'll get back to that,
but for awhile,
i'm going to have to learn a new normal.

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  1. So excited for you Brooke! Love following along!