Thursday, July 30, 2015

one week

as of yesterday we have one week under our belts.
of course, the first week is probably the easiest one
since i didn't leave the hospital until friday.
ronnie was with me all weekend and half of monday.
(we had our newborn pics taken monday morning - can't wait to see them!)
monday night we had our usual family dinner so mom and dad cooked,
tuesday my parents took brette for the morning to hang out with
madeline and eden and i got caught up around the house.
plus i was able to make our first outing to the pediatrician.
that night shannon and her family stopped by and brought dinner.
finally on wednesday - exactly a week old - i was by myself with both girls.
luckily enough, my cousin brought us dinner and
i have to say, the stress of not worrying about food has been too nice.
i can't thank my friends and family enough for all the help.
i was stressing about being by myself these last couple days,
just because brette is extra needy and that makes things harder.
is reid wearing a dress?
then its brette's dress.
or brette's blanket.
or brette's pillow.
whatever reid has, brette wants.
is reid getting held?
then brette wants held.
i can't tell you how many times i've heard "hold me, mommy."
she even asked me to change her diaper because i was changing reid.
hello, you don't even have a diaper on!
she just needs some extra lovin' right now and
i'm trying my best to give it to her,
but i also know there will be tears and i'm just going
to have to listen to them and keep going.
but honestly, it hasn't been as hard as i thought.
lucky for me, reid sleeps like a true newborn.
all. the. time.
we put her down for the night about 11:00,
i nurse her at 3:00 and then again at 6:00.
brette wakes up at 7:00 and i get to spend a couple
hours just me and her.
i don't do chores or anything - which is unlike me,
but like i said, brette is desperate for some mamma time.
we snuggle, eat, get dressed and play until reid wakes up about 9:30.
i am relying a lot on cartoons and our playroom when i have to nurse.
i need about 30 minutes of down time where brette doesn't need me.
i'm sure i'll be nursing on-the-go by the end of this year,
but i'm also trying to get some relaxing one on one time with reid too.
its truly a balancing act.
i read that when you have a second baby your time is divided,
but your love is multiplied.
it couldn't be any truer.
so far i feel good about how things are going.
this morning i managed to get both girls, dressed, fed and out the door.
we went and visited my work and
even made it to the park for some playtime.
of course, we've had a few rough moments,
and don't ask how my hair looks,
but overall, i think we're gonna make it.




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