Wednesday, June 10, 2015

our tribal/woodland nursery

i've been hard at work trying to
pick up pieces for the nursery when i find them.
it's pretty close to being done so
i went ahead and snapped a few photos to show our progress.
so far, almost everything was bought with our gift cards,
but with only $7 left, i'm afraid the rest is up to us.
if you remember, i wanted to do a tribal vibe.
lots of black, white, and gold with some color
thrown in through the accents.
and here's where i've ended up:

(ps- i totally bought gold decal triangles for the changing table
and somehow they've been misplaced.  i can't find them anywhere and
i'm super bummed about it. i'm thinking they got thrown away by accident.
i might cry.)

things get a little bare on the other side of the room
because i'm still looking for my side table and curtains.
i still have a stump table on the brain,
but the ones i've found are over $200
and that. is. not. happening.
i might have to give up on that dream.
the rug is a lot of my color and i wish it were double
in size but for $6, i'm not complaining.
i've been searching for the perfect curtains,
but i'm considering just buying fabric and having some made.
how cute are these options?

i found a gold bull's skull today and i'll
probably go back to buy it.
i wasn't sure if i needed it,
but after putting the room together
i think another gold accent piece would be nice.
and i found a second artificial cactus online that
i'd like to order to put by the lamp.
its only like $10 so i'm pretty sure it will be on
its way soon.
i really wanted a stuffed fox,
but so far, i haven't found any in stores and the
ones on etsy are kind of expensive.
i doubt this happens, but
i'll put it on my list for future gift ideas.
i think that will basically finish off the nursery.
i'm pretty excited to check this off my list
and add another room to our completed file in this house.
now we just need that baby...


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  2. go to one of her recent posts shows how to make a stump side table!