Wednesday, April 15, 2015

nursery time

after yesterday's post about our house,
i realized that i am super ready to
get that nursery DONE.
or at least started.
we're buying the same crib we did for B,
because it will grow with each of the girls
and eventually it acts as the headboard for a full-size bed.
i never plan on buying another.
its the graco benton 5-in-1 convertible crib,
found at walmart.
its on the top of my list.
my brother has eden's crib mattress,
and i think he's going to let me have that.
we already have a dresser from our guest room,
but its not very cute,
so i think i'm going to hide it in the closet.
we used brette's dresser as a changing table too,
but since we don't have that option this time,
sheri (ronnie's sister) offered up their old one.
it's a natural wood color and i like the idea of
mixing white with natural wood.
i was even thinking of doing a little spray
or if they don't want it changed, i could use decals.
like this, but only smaller and just white triangles.
plus i want to add a side table/stump next to our rocking chair.
something like this:
as for decorations,
i'm really into the native american/tribal vibe.
and i love the idea of using gold, black and white
along with the natural wood and pops of color.
i'm thinking a lot of the "color" could come from
a really cool aztec rug, but i haven't been able to find one yet.
here are some pics from my pinterest board for her.

and i have these juuust waiting for me on esty.

instead of doing a gallery wall,
i think i'm just going to buy these two prints in a large size
and have them take up my one large wall.
this room is a little different because
one whole wall is windows and a window bench.
it cuts down on how you can set up the furniture
and your wall space.
but i'm excited to get started.
now i just have to bust out the ol' credit card and
tell ronnie about it later.

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