Thursday, April 9, 2015

i got your back, boo

so i obviously have to write about my bff's traumatic few weeks.
you guys know kassie.
i've posted about her before
and here
i'm sure there's more,
but you get the idea.
friends since kindergarten,
partners for life,
true bff's.
we're only a few months apart,
a young (cough cough) 31 yrs old.
and then she went and had a freaking stroke on me.
what the heck, kassie.
and on april fools day.
even less funny.
this hits a little too close to home
because her mom passed away several years ago from a stroke.
that's what caused kass to change her whole life.
quit her job.
go back to school.
helps others that go through this.
she actually leads the stroke support group at the hospital - -
the same one the nurse told her about this week.
but only as patient this time.
what the hell, right?

but its not ALL bad.
she really is ok.
there are no immediate side effects, thank god.
but they're keeping her in the hospital
until they get her blood thin enough to go home
because there is still a big blood clot looming
and that. is. scary.
no more strokes, please.
her life will have to change.
no work for three months.
no more birth control
(which we are all secretly happy about - - time to have babies!)
but a natural birth is no longer an option for her.
she can't do anything that would be jarring to her body.
no roller coasters, tubing, even getting her hair washed at
a beauty salon because of where the sink would hit her in the neck.
(that's where her tear was)
i want to strap her down and not let her move.
and i'm pretty sure, right now, she's down with that too.
you can read the whole medical run down here:
feel free to donate while you're there too
and send prayers.
lots of prayers.
and thank you to everyone for all you are doing for her.
there is no one that deserves it more.

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