Monday, November 18, 2013

happy birthday to you

my bff had her 30th birthday
and we all gathered to celebrate in the afternoon
at a kc beer festival.
some of us celebrated a little too hard.
and by us, i mean the boys.
especially since the beer fest was actually a
strong ale fest. 
and strong ale equals a lot of bitter beer faces.
i missed out on the last half of the par-tay
because i had to be home by 4:00.
i needed to feed brette and my mom had to make it to
another engagement she had that night.
since i was sober i offered to come pick up
the lee's summit group when they were done drinking.
apparently everyone hit a wall around 6:00
and chaos ensued.
c h a o s
i won't go into the details, but there was more than one
person puking at a time.
and my car needed a bath after.
holy hell.
but - finally - i got everyone home and asleep by 8:30.
and then i relaxed and watched tv.
is this the life of a mother?
well shit.

happy birthday, kass!
love you long time.



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