Sunday, November 17, 2013

wrapped up

a little update...
we stopped swaddling brette
on her 5 month birthday.
it was very anticlimactic.
i still put her in a sleep-sack,
but didn't wrap her arms.
i laid her down and her arms didn't move.
they just stayed at the side of her body
like they would if they were wrapped.
the second night, she chose a more,
"halleluiah, come to jesus" pose.
you know, where her arms are spread as wide as they can.
but still, she fell right to sleep. 
i thought - well, this is going to be easy.
but, of course, you should never count your chickens before they hatch.
have you heard of the "why are you hitting yourself" game?
well, that's what brette was playing on night three.
she'd hit herself in the face or
she would pull out her pacifier.
over and over and over.
i kept going in there to shush her and give her back her pacifier,
but after an hour of this,
i caved and swaddled her arms.
she was asleep within two minutes.
the fourth night she fell right to sleep,
but woke up an hour later and once again,
couldn't keep her hands off her face and couldn't get settled.
so again, i swaddled her.
then i realized the first couple nights
she wore pj's that covered her hands.
so i've been making sure to do that the last two nights
so her fingers can't get to her pacifier.
it seems to be working.
right now, she is sleeping peacefully unswaddled.
my fingers are crossed we have this thing licked.
but i just don't know about my chicken.

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