Tuesday, November 12, 2013

brette: 5 months

we don't have a doctor's visit
until the middle of december,
so i'm not sure what her height and weight are.
she's been averaging an inch of growth per month
and a little over a pound,
so if i had to guess,
i'd say she's about 25 inches
and 14 lbs.
she's still wearing size one diapers,
but only during the day when i change her every 2-3 hours.
at night we make sure and put two's on her
for the extra coverage.
she fits in both fine,
we're just trying to finish up our bag of one's.
basically, its just ronnie and i being cheap.
a good way to describe brette right now
is "in between." 
she fits in 0-3 month leggings and coats the best.
all her jammies have to be 3-6 for the length
and the majority of her shirts are 3-6 months too.
none of our 6 months jeans fits yet,
so she's just in this weird in between sizes stage
where i have to juggle what fits.
oh, and then there is her head.
her freaking big ol' head.
you know that panda hat that is supposed to fit a 6 month old?
well, she's pretty much grown out of it.
i'm going to have to go buy some new winter hats in the next size up.
we loving refer to her as our big headed baby.

up top her big dome is still some hair.
she's still losing some of it, but it's started to grow in too.
it has also lightened up a ton.
she no longer has that real dark hair
she had when she was born.
i wonder if we'll end up with a blonde?
her eyes are gorge.
such a pretty blue.
i think they'll stay that way.

she's sitting up with support
all the time now,
so the bumbo is our best friend,
but she hates tummy time.
i still try and make her do it,
but she's definitely not getting in the 90 minutes a day
that's recommended.
in fact, she hates it so much she either
just lays her head down and cries
(insert trumpet playing)
rolls over!
she rolled over for the first time on november 5th.
i've seen her do it 4 times total,
but i have yet to catch it on camera.
i'll keep trying.
once again,
i would explain brette as in a "in between" transition phase.
she's sleeping through the night like always
but instead of putting her down around 9:00pm
and sleeping until 6:00 - 7:00am,
she goes down around 7:30 - 8:00pm
and sleeps until about 6:30 every morning.
 since she's sleeping that much longer,
she doesn't want to go right back down after nursing
and sleep until nine like she used to.
so we've been trying this new thing,
(i'm only 5 days into it)
where she gets up at 6:30am,
i nurse her and we play until about 8:30
and then i put her down for a morning nap.
she has been sleeping 2 to 3 hours!
then i nurse her again, we play, run errands, blah blah blah
and i put her back down around 1:00.
so basically she's transitioning into a more "normal"
sleep schedule.
a morning nap and an afternoon nap.
i never thought i'd see the day.

i also kind of made myself a prisoner to her.
(something i said i'd never do)
but she's a light sleeper and she naps in her swing.
her swing is our living room,
which is in the middle of our house.
so i secluded myself to our bedroom.
it didn't used to be a big deal because
she was only napping for like an hour, tops.
but now that she can snooze for 2-3 hours
i was trapped in my room.
let's just say i missed a couple of lunches
and decided it was time for a change.
i made ronnie move her swing.
it now resides in her bedroom,
where i can turn on her sound machine,
close the door and still live in the house.
it's been working great.

we've lengthened out our eating times again
and we're on a strict nursing schedule.
i think she could probably go longer
but i like how this fits in with our naps.
i'm also going to start her on some water.
my pediatrician suggested it
and i figured giving her a couple onces twice a day would be a good change.
i've decided to hold off on food though.
my ped said i could start is around five months,
but she said that most people do it because their kiddos don't sleep through
the night and they use it to help fill them up for bedtime.
since we're not having that problem,
i'm going to wait.
my plan is:
water at 5 months.
cereal & peanut butter at 6 months.
veggies at 7 months.
fruits at 8 months.
people food at 9 months.
of course, this might change,
depending on when she gets teeth,
but this is just my original thoughts on it.
"playing" has gotten more fun.
since she can sit up we use her bumbo
all the time and put toys out on the tray.
she can sit and occupy herself for quite sometime.
of course, the aim is to still put everything in her mouth,
but i like that she can sit and play for awhile.
i also try to keep her upright for the majority of her awake periods.
since she's logging so many nap hours now,
i want to keep her off the back of her head as much as
possible while she's awake.
lots of time in the bjorn, bumbo, mommy's arms and
our newest thing: the exersaucer!
my friend let me borrow her daughter's and
i love that it's something she can stand up in.
she's still a little short for it,
but i put a pillow under her to give her some extra support.
i also read it's not good to leave them in it for long periods of time
so i've limited myself to two 15 minute play times.
it sits in our kitchen so i normally use it while i eat or make dinner.
my s-i-l also gave us a bouncer,
but brette is still a little too tiny for it,
but i suspect that won't be the case for too long.
favorite new toy: the ring ball

she rolled over!
she says some consonants now: mostly g's and r's.
she had her first halloween.
she tasted her first food.
(dad and grammy have started squeezing grapes into her mouth.
she loves the juice.)

i feel like my little baby is such a little lady now.
the next few months we should see some big changes.
stay tuned.



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