Wednesday, November 20, 2013

paw prints vs. fingerprints

i was really worried about how my
babies were going to react to our new baby.
let's be honest.
my dogs are spoiled and a little eccentric.
not to mention, that they hate when we have kids over to the house.
not so much leia, but definitely louie.
i always have to ask the kids to just leave him alone.
its better that way.
so you can imagine my concern when i was bringing
a new kid into the house full time...
oh, and forever.
good luck louie
we did the ol' bring home baby's clothing from the
hospital, let them smell it and
then give them a treat trick.
i also made ronnie sit in the car with brette
so i could have 5 minutes alone with them
before introducing b.
since i had been in the hospital i wanted
to give them some undivided attention first.
and then we brought in b.
and their lives changed forever.

but they really don't mind her.
they will lay in bed with her and
leia is especially interested in licking her.
we've even caught louie giving her some kisses.
thank god.
but for the most part they had been ignoring each other.
now that brette is more aware of her surroundings,
she loves watching them.
she completely stops and stares when they come in a room.
when they are near enough, she'll pet them. (or grab their hair)
one afternoon, brette even laid her head down on louie's back.
cutest. thing. ever.
so far, there has been no growling or snapping at her.
of course that might change once she's mobile
and running louie into a corner.
i hope not,
but i still make sure and supervise their interactions.
there have been two major changes since brette was born:
the biggest change has been in their behavior when i leave.
i think it's because someone is now constantly home with them
so they have major anxiety when they are left.
i could be gone on a quick 20-30 minute errand and they greet me
like i've been gone for 2 days.
and when i leave, they've also started peeing in the house.
oh hell no.
i would rather them poop everywhere then pee.
it stinks and its so much harder to clean up.
especially if you don't find it until much later.
so we've reverted back to locking them in the kitchen
when we go anywhere.
just like when they were puppies.
poor things, but i really can't handle peeing in my house.
i have no patience for barking dogs when brette naps
and my dogs are really barky.
do you see a squirrel outside or a man on a jog?
did the ice machine just make a sound?
they will lose their damn minds
and i want to kill them.
just this week i decided to rake the front yard
during brette's afternoon nap.
(ronnie can't say i never did anything nice for him.)
louie saw me outside and went crazy.
he woke brette up and she had only been asleep for 30 mins.
i gave him several dirty looks and a few choice words.
so i've tried to figure out a system.
i shut all the blinds and i move a big woven basket in front
of our front door window so they can't see outside.
then i take them everywhere with me.
am i in the basement on the treadmill?
so are they.
am i taking a shower?
they are in my room with the door shut.
i give them no opportunity to even want to bark.
so far our transition has been pretty smooth
and i'm happy to report, i'm still in love my with my puppies
and i think my puppies are in love with brette too.


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