Monday, November 4, 2013

in the name of the father

we had miss brette baptized over the weekend.
we took the baptism class back in august
and have been waiting around to schedule it.
i'm glad we took the time to do it.
it was a special day for us and our family.
ronnie wasn't raised in the church
and i was.
something we discussed before
we got married was if he was okay raising our kids catholic.
i wanted to and he doesn't have strong feelings either way.
so it's always just been known that b would grow up catholic.
we've made it a point over the years to try to go to mass.
i wouldn't say we're regulars,
but i do feel better when we go.
this weekend we went on saturday for her baptism
and then again on sunday.
um, hello god, did you see that?
in one week.
we're going to heaven for sure. 
here's brette with us, the deacon and her godparents/grandparents.
and we had it at our beautiful church - holy spirit.

we took lots of family pictures with brette in her christening gown,
which was my mom's gown when she was baptized. 
how cool is that?
b wore her gma's 60 year old garment.
(hence the bib. i totally didn't want to be the one that let her kid puke all over it.)
and some adorable close-ups of brette.


then it was time for the actual baptism.


my grandma was so happy.  i am in love with these two pictures.
her special blanket from aunt mickie.

and our keepsakes from the church.

being this blessed really wore out our girl.
but she finally woke up for her party back at our house.

i made cupcakes and soup for everyone.

big day.
big success.
big blessings.
lots to be thankful for.

ps- amazing picture, right?  my cousin took them.
thanks, kelly!

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