Monday, November 25, 2013

bumbo time

brette has tried some new
things over the last couple weeks.
water and a grape.

we started giving her water daily on her 5 month birthday.
its going okay.
not a lot is actually getting swallowed
because instead of using a bottle,
we're trying it out of a cup.
i thought we'd learn something new,
but its slow going.
i read to start with the cup first since
its the hardest.
i figure once she masters this
and is able to drink on her own,
i'll give her a sippy cup so she can do it herself
and i won't have to worry about spills.
the "cup" we use it actually a shot glass.
please don't call dfs.
i wanted something really shallow
so i wouldn't have to tip it back very far
and this is all i had.
any suggestions on baby's first cup,
because obviously,
this just looks bad.

and ronnie decided that he should
hold grapes to her mouth so she can
try to suck on them.
she loved it.

she's growing up right before our eyes.

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  1. Hi :-) How adorable?! I've been following for a while now and love your ideas for Brette's Cmas List. Have you seen the mesh pouches in stores? We put grapes and other fruits in there for our son around this age. He loved getting the juices out! We also use Playtex sippy cups for his water. These have a straw. I read that using a straw helps promote speech development. Keep doing what you're doing :-) Gorgeous family!