Saturday, November 2, 2013

my life, our life

ronnie and i celebrated our anniversary yesterday.

five years.
doesn't seem possible.
wasn't just a couple years ago
that ronnie and i made the trip to chicago where he proposed?
i was freaking out, i mean, we had barely begun to date.
who is this guy?
graduating from college and moving back home
to be with ronnie wasn't SIX years ago... was it?
wasn't it just the other day that we decided to move, buy a house,
fix it up and make it our home?

aren't my beautiful puppies still puppies?
or are they really old enough to enter kindergarten?
it doesn't feel like i walked down the aisle
half a decade ago in front of our family and friends
and promised to make my life, our life.
and now, after five years,
we decided to make our life into her life.
what a crazy, wonderful, blessed five years.
happy anniversary, ronnie ray.
i love you.

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