Monday, November 11, 2013

five month favorites

after five months i have some
f a v o r i t e
things that i think all mammas should have.
these are my top ten, plus one:
summer swaddle - it helps keep her hands out of her face and waking her up.
mybaby sound spa - i turn on the rain to help drown out any noises ronnie and i make so we don't have to tip toe around after she's gone to bed. plus, i think its soothing for her.
summer video monitor - i didn't realize how much peace this gives me.  margie insisted i needed it and i cannot thank her enough for splurging on me.
vicks warm humidifier - this is one of the first things we bought b that i never even thought of. it helps if she has a cold and i think it keeps her room a tad bit warmer.




 out and about
cloud b sleep sheep - we don't leave home without it.  its brette's sound machine for the carseat.  i also use it a lot when changing her diaper if she get cranky.  she loves the thing.
travel diaper changing kit - besides the sleep sheep and a pacifier, this is the one and only other thing i grab.  inside, i have wipes, diapers, hand sanitizer, an extra onesie and a bib. i just need it and i can provide the food, so we're good to go for several hours.
baby einstein take along tunes - this little toys does wonders when you want your kiddo to stop crying, to be entertained in a carseat or to get her to move her head side to side during tummy time. i keep it in my purse so i always have it. literally, my fave.
amazing baby feel and learn book - this is my other go-to item when i need to keep brette entertained. she can actually turn the pages herself, so i don't have to do much once i give it to her.  this comes in handy if you're trying to eat dinner.
baby holders
boppy - get both the nursing pillow and the lounger.  i use both everyday and for the first couple months, before brette was sitting, i used the lounger pretty much all day.  we have wood floors so i couldn't just lay her on the ground.  this thing is the perfect little lounger for her.  it went inside, outside, to the pool, on the deck. everywhere.
bjorn - i've just started using this within the last couple months, but it allows me to get some bonding time with brette without using my arms.  i can walk the dogs, vacuum the house, go shopping all with her on me. she loves it and so do i.  plus, it puts her to sleep if i leave her in it long enough. a win / win.
swing - at first we used it as something to put her in besides the lounger. but now she sleeps all her naps in it and i literally don't know what i would do without it. (thank you panek's for your donation!)


so there you go.
if you're having a baby,
already have a little one at home
or buying for a new mamma,
these are the items i suggest.


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