Sunday, November 24, 2013

holiday shopping

thanksgiving is this week
which means christmas
is just around the corner.
i'm already dreading the shopping i have to do.
i've always hated it and
now i feel like i'm also working around naptimes and
our nursing schedule.
not to mention its only 20 degrees here.
not fun.
but i did impress myself and order
our christmas cards last week.
holy hell.
a new record.
some shopping questions...
does anyone have a good suggestion on where to get
amazing boyfriend jeans? 
a babies first christmas ornament?
great christmas book?
of course there are the well known ones
- the night before christmas or the polar express -
but is there something perfect for a little one?
maybe more age appropriate for brette?

suggestions welcome.
sorry for the early christmas worries. 

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